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Affordable MICR E13B Font to print checks

MICR e13B font

This affordable MICR e13b font (often called MICR font, or E-13B font) is required to print the numbers and special symbols at the bottom of checks so they can be recognized by the OCR/magnetic ink reader systems used by banks in North America (US and Canada) and other countries (England and Malta in the EU).
In the past, these fonts where supplied as cartridges. Thanks to modern technology, these fonts are now available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux.

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Click here for  a complete package containing MICR fonts, tamper resistant fonts, and a Calibration Wizard

Engineering fontsOloron Program font

Programmer font,
Hexalist and
Numberslist for debugging output, Morse Code font.

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School Fonts and discovery
Fonts for dnealian and school zaner-bloser

D'Nealian fonts (Block Letters and Cursive), Zaner-Bloser fonts (Manuscript Print and Cursive Writing), Stick and Circle handwriting fonts for school, we provide full packages with over 30 styles, worksheet tem-
plates,and complimen-
tary clip arts.

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Superb designer fonts

Calligraphic fonts, handwriting fonts, monospaced fonts, display fonts, decorative fonts, you will find them all. Immediate download.

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Foreign FontsForeign fonts, foreign scripts, foreign typefaces, Polish fonts, Slovak font, Croatian fonts, Greek fonts, Turkish fonts, Russian fonts, Ukrainian fonts, slavonic fonts, old greek fonts, ancient greek fonts, ancient greek typefaces,

From Armenian to Zulu, your
Windows or Mac OS X co
mputer will display all sorts of languages before you know it.
Of course, knowledge of the said languages remains mandatory.

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EAN-13 Bar Code font and Barcode Wizard™ software

ean-13 barcode font (codabar) truetype or postscript atm type 1 for Windows or for MacintoshThe EAN13 Match™ font and Barcode Wizard™ software are the easiest to use, most precise tools to produce reliable bar codes from your PC and laser printer, or from a typesetting equipment. This package suits the largest variety of printers and configurations, as well as typesetting and printing equipment.
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.


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Bar code font ean-13 Barcode font Extremely accurate and easy to use EAN-13 Barcode fonts BarcodeFontShop.com
Block letters and cursive handwriting school fonts for dnealian worksheets and zaner bloser exercises. Fonts for teachers.
MICR fonts and a superb MICR font suite. MICR Gauge. Mac OS X encrypted zip