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This font works with all versions of Windows since 3.1, up to Windows 8.x, and Mac OS X (up to Mountain Lion and Mavericks). Compatible with current versions of Linux.



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Machine-readable MICR font E13B for check number strips

MICR font E13B or E-13B font, is necessary to generate micr strips, the series of numbers at the bottom of checks. To do so, a laser printer and special toner is also necessary. Our MICR font is used by any standard or custom application to print special encoded data at the bottom of checks in North America and many other countries using the same banking standards. Our MICR e13b fonts come in Macintosh or Windows format, and are also compatible with OS/2 and Linux.

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This MICR e13b font (also often called MICR font, or E-13B font) is necessary to print numbers and special symbols at the bottom of checks so they can be recognized by the OCR/magnetic ink reader systems used by banks in North America (US and Canada) and many other countries. In the past, these fonts where supplied as cartridges. Thanks to modern technology, these fonts are now available for Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Linux.

How does it work ?

The MICR font comes in both TrueType, and ATM PostScript Type 1, for Windows or Macintosh. It is installed just like any other fonts. Once installed, it is available to all applications in the system, like Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Courier...

To create the proper magnetic stripe, one needs numbers, and separator symbols. The separators are " # $ % or ABCD.

Below is an example of the data one would enter in a plain font, to get the same as the bottom of a check :

%322270055% #325070760# 8888888888%

All you have to do, is to copy on the screen what you see at the bottom of your own checks ! This data can be entered by hand, or suplied by any database or spreadsheet program.

Tests on a variety of current laser printers have showed constant results, within MICR tolerance, measured with standard test gauges. These test gauges meet or exceed ANSI Standard and the ABA (American Banking Association) standards. You can also download our free evaluation sample for Macintosh or Windows to try before you buy (see column left).

If you want an even better precision, and a Calibration Wizard program, to be aboslutely sure of your printing chain, see for a much more complete package.

What do I need besides the font ?

A laser printer is necessary to print MICR strips. Ink Jet printers or dotmatrix printers may not have the required resolution and cannot print with magnetic ink. To print reliable MICR strips, a laser printer with special MICR toner must be used, which is available from the following companies (among others). This special toner works perfectly for other applications as well.

Check stock is not mandatory, and valid checks can be produced on plain paper stock, but they will look more professional on a medium meant for this. You can find check stock at major office supply retailers, such as Office Depot, Stapples, etc, in several presentations : 1 per page, three per page, etc. It is also easy to find at any reputable online or mail order office supply.

MICR E13 Gauge

To make sure the placement of MICR fields is correct, as well as your printing layout and character spacing, you can acquire the best desktop test equipment : a MICR gauge. See for more.

Setting up applications

Checks can be created from any program, including the simplest word processors (a Word template is provided with the package). The MICR font is available to all standard applications, as a regular system font.

Other applications well suited for check printing are database programs, such as Crystal Reports or Access for Windows, or ACI's 4D for Macintosh. Spreadsheet programs and their data merge can also be used succesfully. Basically, any program that can print numbers and text can be used. Including the simplest like WordPad and SimpleText, or the most sophisticated, like Desktop Publishing Programs such as PageMaker™, Adobe InDesign, or XPress.

1 MICR font, in both TrueType and PostScript for Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Complete usage instructions
  • MICR toner supplier information
  • Template check in Word format

$19.95 only, instant download

Buy the MICR E13B font

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We also send you an email containing all instructions in case you need to download again. is another fine site from Match Software, the operator of

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    20 users : M-MICR-20

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Complete MICR font suite with auto-calibration program

If you need calibration systems, you may want to have a look at our selected MICR font suite, which offers 15 different MICR fonts suited for all printing chains (including typesetting), the automatic MICR Calibration Wizard™ and 14 SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud secure number fonts to create fraud-resistant checks.

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