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Suggested reading

This short list does not pretend to represent the alpha and omega of typography, fonts and typefaces, but it is a nice compilation of books we found useful for users and designers alike.

  • The Non-Designer's Type Book : Insights and Techniques for Creating Professional-Level Type by Robin Williams
  • Wolfgang Weingart : Typography by Wolfgang Weingart
  • Typography : An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Throughout History by Friedrich Friedl
  • The elements of typographic Style, by Robert Bringhurst
  • The New Typography : A Handbook for Modern Designers by Jan Tschichold, et al
  • Stop Stealing & Find Out How Type Works by Erik Spiekermann, E.M.Ginger
  • Finer Points in the Spacing & Arrangement of Type (Classic Typography Series by Geoffrey Dowding
  • The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography by Ruari McLean
  • How to Boss Your Fonts Around by Robin Williams
  • Fonts : A Guide to Designers & Editors by Gerald E. Jones

If you want to buy these books, please visit a place cattered to by a human being. Unless you are very far from a bookstore, Internet bookstores cannot assist you as well as a knowledgeable person. Quite often, you may get an excellent service also from used books stores. Real people read books. Computers of multibillion dollars web sites don't. Not to mention their quite inadequate so called "support".



Beautiful Handwriting fonts.
Bar code font ean-13 Barcode font Extremely accurate and easy to use EAN-13 Barcode fonts
Block letters and cursive handwriting school fonts for dnealian worksheets and zaner bloser exercises. Fonts for teachers.
Beautiful free fonts for download and complete collection of shareware fonts.
MICR fonts and a beautiful MICR font suite