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Datascope font


The Hexalist font is meant to show the whole ASCII character content in Hex representation. It can be used to debug data stream, files, or create a datascope.

With the ATM PostScript Type 1 font, all characters from 00 to FF except 0D (carriage return) are displayed. Windows users must install Adobe Type Manager (ATM) to be able to install that font.

With the TrueType font, only characters above space (20) can be displayed.

Both fonts are supplied.

Click here to buy the Hexalist font for Macintosh

The font is supplied in TrueType and PostScrip for $99.95, single user license. It will be shipped via email within 24 hours. Usually much less, if you purchase during business hours.

If you plan to use this font on multiple worstations, or to distribute it with software,
please contact us for site, or distribution license.



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