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Most of us boy-scouts or radio enthusiasts had at one point in time some experience of the morse code. My own Grand-Father was a ham radio before last world war, and of course did quite some traffic on the short waves length before it was even thought about cellular phones. That's how I discovered Morse code, when still a kid, in the mysterious environment of wireless communication contraptions, at the same time others kept pet bull-frogs. From our remote corner of France (St Leonard de Noblat, near Limoges), we waited until midnight to contact America, and I stood shivering of excitation and sense of epic behind my Grand Father shoulder while he was talking to that mythical remote country over the ocean...

Every computer user should be ever so thankful to all these pioneers, who created the very first network of free electronic speech, much before our current Internet. Before Cyberspace, was a warm, cheerful and picturesque world of large aerials, ground poles and tickers, which linked individuals around the world. And, no doubt, if these radio-loonies (they where not yet computer freaks) had not spent years painfully tuning their tubes, adjustable coils and variable capacitors, much of modern satellite communication might be much less efficient. SSB and other techniques where invented by ham enthusiasts, even if nowadays engineers have no idea it was the case.

So, when my electronic friend Gary asked me over e-mail for a Morse Code font, I thought already dozens of them where available across the ham community. It does not seem to be the case. So, here is my contribution to the communicating people of the wireless world.

Mitch Bujard

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