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Oloron Program, a font conceived for programmers

This font has been conceived by programmers, to help programmers get the best listings, and avoid mistakes common with regular fonts. Here are the main characteristics :

  • 1. Fixed width font.
  • 2. Exaggerated distinction between similar characters
  • 3. Heavy emphasis on punctuation characters

With Oloron Program, listings are neat and precise, and there is no confusion between similar characters. Emphasized programming symbols make it easy to check for possible errors, and avoid them.

Oloron Program is a great tool, for all programmers who do more than to display "Hello, World" !

Oloron Program Font

Oloron Program is actually a set of fonts containing an outline font, TrueType of ATM PostScript Type 1, for a perfect rendition on the printer at all sizes, and bitmap screen fonts, which considerably improve legibility and rendition at small point sizes (12 and below) on the screen.

Here is an example of an actual Perl listing, screen capture at point size 12 on a Macintosh, with the screen fonts installed :

Perl listing with Oloron Program

Here is an example at different sizes (7-12) on a Windows system, with the screen fonts included in the package :

Oloron Program, for Windows, Macintosh or OS/2 (click on 'Windows'),
is supplied for only $29.95 (single user license) in both TrueType and ATM PostScript Type 1 format

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$39.95 UP TO 5 USERS

$49.95 UP TO 10 USERS

$75.95 UP TO 20 USERS

  Multi-user site licenses allow your company to legally use multiple copies of a font within the same legal entity (corporation, company or single-owner business). They are especially suited for companies which have a large number of computers, or companies which operate software on a network, and wish to be able to use a font on all their workstations simultaneously. These are user licenses, and do not allow the purchaser to redistribute the fonts to other legal entities or individuals without a separate license. If you wish to distribute, or sell these fonts, or need unlimited copy licenses, please contact us .


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